So, my original plan for this blog was to document some of the ‘techy’ projects I was thinking about doing, and document them as I go.

Slight issue. I’ve not managed to start anything, yet.

I’ve got lots of ideas, but I’m lacking time and direction at the moment, either due to other commitments, or lack of focus.

Current project ideas include;

  • VMWare for Linux Admin course
  • Raspberry Pi to capture Weather Satellite images
  • Home Automation

Getting Going

Two of those three have actually started. I do now have an HP Z600 Workstation with Dual Xeon Processors following an eBay purchase. Although having loaded VMWare ESXi 6.5 via USB stick was a success, I’ve been unable to make it work on an internal SD card using an SD to SATA adapter card. More about that later.

I have also started my Home Automation project too, with the installation of Home Assistant ( on a Raspberry Pi, and so far that is working well. I’ve got a few other bits to add yet, for example triggering actions when I get to locations or am on my way home.


Whilst I do normally plan to do these things myself one of my projects I plan to work on with my eldest son. As far as projects go, its relatively complicated, but for an 8-year-old will be pretty cool I reckon. The Raspberry Pi Weather Satellite image capture should be interesting, I mean how cool will it be to capture an image from space of where you are?!

Just get on with it

Anyway, enough of the procrastination, time to start shopping for parts for my QFH Antenna I need to build to receive the satellite signal.

If you have gotten this far, congratulations, there are a few minutes of your life you won’t get back! However, if you are keen to see how I get on, please come back soon!