Utilising my Home Assistant server, I’ve been keen to add some more sensors to my setup, and recently I’ve been adding temperature / humidity sensors.

Wanting to stay away from WiFi based items, generally due to it being overkill for something so basic, I had read about adding 433Mhz devices to my HA setup.

My criteria was pretty simple, units needed to be relatively low cost, capable of operating indoors and outdoors, and low power/rechargable.

Various searches found lots of weather stations, and that would be me buying far more than I needed, as I only wanted the sensor, not the display too. But I finally found a ThermoPro TX-4 on Amazon, which was 433Mhz capable ✔, Indoor/Outdoor ✔, and rechargable ✔.

I’ve now bought two of the units, one is in the living room, and the other is out in the garden, having recently been relocated from my sons’ bedroom.

Units have been charged up using the supplied USB cable, and I’ve yet to recharge them. Polling rate of sensor is not too high to limit battery use, and they report their status via Home Assistant, so I know when to go retrieve them and charge them up again, but so far, its been months of use.

I’m looking at buying more of the ThermoPro TX-4 as it suits me perfectly, and works well with my RFXcom Transceiver.

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